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Durable, Low-Maintenance Metal Roofing

John Easter Roofing Inc. not only has the expertise — we also own state-of-the-art equipment. We'll never stop work to order a part, because we bring our own fabrication machinery on-site.

  • On-site metal fabrication

  • Thorough tear-offs and reroofing

  • Re-sheeting and composition roofing

  • Heavily slanted and low-pitched roofs

  • Smooth standing seam snap-lock system

  • Custom roofs for new construction and mobile homes

  • FREE estimates to ensure your choices work for you

Every critical roof option you need

  • Fire resistant

  • Low maintenance

  • ENERGY STAR qualified

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion

  • Durability and long life expectancy

  • Significant energy savings over time

  • Fade resistant custom colors complement your home

Why metal is the right roofing


Get a 2-year workmanship WARRANTY.


Metal roofing is as beneficial to your home as it is to your large business. That's why we welcome residential and commercial projects equally.

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